No pardon prayed in silent days

#TransformationTuesday maybe the first i’ve ever done. No secret i love that bottom pic. All these peoples pictured iz still all my peoples.
Happy Birthday to my motherfucker.
My absolute favorite among stoners and Maniac Moonchildren.

You’re a lunatic and you’re made of pure guts and heart.
Thanks for more years of honest friendship than any others have seen fit to grant me thus far. 
From drinking Sunkist wandering around outside of the McCaffrey’s house in the middle of the night to throwing a table across the room at me at the ThickAsBlood last show, I love you and I’ll always have your back. 
“Stay ugly.” πŸ˜‰
"Dreams of what we’ve loved and lost, dreams that are more vivid than our lives, dreams that tell you they aren’t dreams, from which come the questions that trouble and enthrall and finally free our spirits, if we’re brave enough for the answers.
The Friendzone’s handsome Hometown Hero.
"And where no plummet’s line can sound the depth 
Of greedy Ocean, we will throw it in, 
All, all this frightful heap of yellow dirt. 
Down through the dark, blue waters it will sink, 
Frightening the green-haired Nereids from their sport 
And the strange Tritons—the waves will close above 
And I, thank Bacchus, ne’er shall see it more! 
And we will make all echoing heaven ring 
With our loud hymns of thanks, & joyous pour 
Libations in the deep, and reach the land, 
Rich, happy, free & great, that we have lost 
Man’s curse, heart-bartering, soul-enchaining gold.”
Happy Birthday, Plenilune.

Very few will ever have walked into my life and instantly had so much effect and so much meaning to me. And very few will ever garner that amount of admiration I have grown to carry for you. I met you a year ago on this day and I’ve been in awe of your light ever since.

Free Warriors of the Heathen Faith
Come and meet us in the field.
Know despair, defeat, and death.

Look deep into the Hammer’s eyes
As you take your final breath
Blissful calamity.
Best record. 
Best recommendation.
Death poems.

Lil’ mama sorceress Queen Himiko. Miss you.