No pardon prayed in silent days

Guys, this is Leonard. 
He’s melancholial.
Left side: 18
Right side: 21
RIP to the hair coloring game.
Been a minute.

Hidden Fortress (1958)

"Burn with abandon."

Slept on this flic for the longest time to my despair. Saturated with everything you’d want from a Kurosawa-Mifune jidaigeiki from around this time. Amazing duel scene toward the end. Several moving catharses. 
Highlight for me was the first time the Fire Festival song is sung.

Work meet wigglin’. @lightthatliller420

LarXVXSuperStar sucks the Mickey D!
Right before my eyes.

After years of removed disdain or miscommunicative tension or stupid, megalomaniacal posturing from two kids at opposite corners of a basement venue in Myrtle Beach, all the way to-through happenstance-delivering blows to a common enemy years later in defense of a common friend, I have come to know a truly kindred spirit, a truly brave heart, a truly fearless soul. And in the time since-through the understanding for one another’s pain, and a mutual recognition of the strength it takes to strive through it-we have found a friendship and a loyalty that is sure to endure, and sure to redeem.

The Rey Myst to my Sin Car.
Love you, Youngblood.
I got your back forever.
We’re in Wilmington. Holler and help out.
“He that is proud eats up himself: pride is his own glass, his own trumpet, his own chronicle.”

But like, 
what can I say?

Another one.
First in 4 days. Unh mama unh mama unh.
Where do I go from here?
All the things that you say and feel